MADS RAFTE HEIN (b. 1977) is a Danish artist located in Copenhagen. He has been educated at Copenhagen Technical College and Holbæk Kunsthøjskole.

Hein's work span across different mediums. Mediums like oil, ink, animation, installation, photo, and watercolors. His recent paintings are colorful and vibrant, with a common theme of bright pink, yellow and turquoise. They are infused with contrast - mixing objects, scenes and even centuries. Like a pair of Converse next to an antique bust or a 90's computer in a rowing boat.

The artworks contain conflicting feelings of calmness and chaos, freedom and captivity. A boat in the middle of a still ocean containing someone's belongings or three men studying the globe. Hein's work mix everyday references with historical, which creates a fantasy world close to our own.

Mads Rafte Hein's artwork has been exhibited in both group and solo shows in Denmark.